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Larissa Maxwell


Larissa Maxwell is a registered therapist and sought after leadership consultant and coach in business, healthcare, government, law enforcement, and NGO sectors across North America. She is passionate about leadership that truly moves the dial, strategic action backed up by solid design, and innovation as a response to human suffering.

Larissa holds a Master’s in Business Administration, and is currently the National Director of The Salvation Army Illuminate, overseeing intervention, aftercare services, and global initiatives for survivors of sex and labour trafficking. Larissa works closely with law enforcement and has pioneered effective approaches to specialized victim service response during proactive complex human trafficking investigations, resulting in strong victim management & landmark decisions in Canada and the US.

Larissa was the first recipient of the Canadian Department of Justice Excellence in Victim Services Award in 2017 and is featured in the labour trafficking documentary “Hidden in Plain Sight: Labour Trafficking, Farm Workers, and Migrant Workers inCanada.” She is an instructor at three Canadian Police Colleges (Toronto, Winnipeg, and Ottawa), a keynote speaker for agencies such as the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada & CBSA, and an international advocate who has contributed to action plans, human rights development, and legislation to end modern day slavery. Larissa is leading multiple groundbreaking projects including the United Nations Finance Against Modern Slavery Vulnerable Sectors Initiative, UBC’s Ethical Storytelling Research, and Slack’s Employment Equity Initiative.

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