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Core Strengths Workshop - Leadership Development Vancouver
Learn Leadership as a Relationship: Most leaders use a one-to-many communication approach,  leading to misunderstandings and lost productivity. But it’s possible to tailor your leadership style to every person you manage.


Core Strengths: Beyond all the strategies for team performance are the relationships that hold them together. Relationship Intelligence (RQ) is the metric that matters most but often gets addressed least. How do you help the team that allows the criticism of co-workers to overshadow the appreciation of strengths? How do you transform a culture that prefers taking the credit versus taking the initiative? How do you restore trust when team members do their own thing or team leaders dominate all decisions? While it’s not easy, the path is clear. Better teams are possible when you know what makes each member tick.


RQ takes teamwork to a higher level: Productivity is a multi-player game. The teams that get the most done embrace diversity, value perspectives, and aim each member’s strengths in the same direction. RQ makes this possible by uniting teams with a common language and timely relationship insight. With fine-tuned self-awareness and a greater appreciation of different communication styles, High RQ teams are free to focus their collective energy towards meaningful goals. Just because teams are having a conversation doesn’t mean it’s a productive one; through our assessment, training, and platform, your teams will use RQ to improve the content of their conversations and reduce conflict.


The Workshop: The purpose of the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) also known as RQ (Relationship Intelligence) is to improve the quality of working relationships. People have relationships within themselves, with each other, and with their work. Relationships are psychological connections over time; they have history, the present moment, and expectations for the future. We use a learning model for effectively and more accurately understanding the motives behind behaviour. When people recognize the unique motivation of themselves and others, they greatly enhance their ability to communicate. The pre-work for this interactive workshop is a 40 minute online self-assessment.


Relationships require self-awareness: Increased self-awareness results from greater conscious understanding of the true self. During our workshop together, we will interactively learn the theory of Relationship Intelligence and the application of knowledge in specific settings or contexts to produce results that are meaningful to people in relationships, work or otherwise. Some learnings will be: how to apply relationship intelligence to put everyone on a productive path to results, Discover how to use the right strength at the right time for greater effectiveness, Promote healthy opposition and resolve conflict without damaging relationships, Mobilize team strengths to execute strategy, and Develop effective communication that comes from authentic connections.

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