Read reviews from some of the great Stride Leadership clients from over the years.

Karim Abraham
Chief Executive Officer

Working with Stride since 2018 has been a game changer for me both professionally and personally. I have taken huge strides to embody our company values and align them with my vision. My leadership team is focused like never before, and I am actively becoming a better leader every day.

Shane Jolicoeur
Sales Manager

Stride has been, and continues to be an integral part of my growth as a leader, and as a person. He has an incredible ability to connect with people and to craft messages in a manner in which they can consume. I would not be where I am personally or professionally, without him.

Janna Janzen
Director, Community & Funder Relations

Over the last year Stride has been a powerful sounding board for me as I clarify my objectives, create an action plan and support my growing team. It has been immensely valuable to have someone listen, support and guide me as I pursue my goals.

Nina Abizadeh
Senior Property Manager

Working with Stride was like catching up with an old friend over coffee while simultaneously being gently nudged to ponder my assumptions about team dynamics and approaches to work life. At times discussions could be painful in their truth and realizations, but Stride always remained a steady and supportive guide toward clarity. I deeply valued my time with Stride and can only recommend him to the highest.

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