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Who We Are

Stride Leadership is a team of world-class certified coaches and facilitators. We are most proud of our strength in the diversity of our personal and professional experience.

We represent 10 nations, speak 11 languages and have lived in over 20 countries. We’re committed to learning as represented by a combined 40+ credentials throughout our team including PhD, MBA, ACC, PCC, BA, BSc, CPHR, BAS, CAF and CHLC.

We are Airline Pilots, Special Forces Officers, Entrepreneurs, HR Executives, Geologists, Directors, Consultants, Engineers, Counsellors and Armed Forces Officers. As professional coaches, we have passionately served individuals and teams from the likes of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, Microsoft, Telus, Rogers Communications, The United Nations, The Canadian Military, Joey Restaurants, Vancouver Coastal Health and The Salvation Army.

What We Do

We are in the people business; Relationship Intelligence is the centrepiece of our offering. We believe that we are all leaders, and we focus on our process beginning with the individual.

Through our globally recognized assessment tools, workshops, exercises and one-on-one and team coaching delivered by certified coaches and facilitators, we are able to effectively build sustainable approaches within organizations that promote employee retention, accelerated career trajectory, increased work-place morale, and overall wellness of the individuals. We focus on delivering a hybrid approach to leadership development which promotes personal and professional leadership qualities and opportunities for growth.

We are real people, supporting the aspirations of real people

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