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Michael Sferrazza


Michael was born in Greater Toronto and now calls Vancouver, BC home. As a dedicated coach, Michael has been involved in both-team based and leadership roles for the majority of his life. As a varsity athlete, youth public speaker, airline pilot, and Operations Manager, Michael has developed the essential skills to bring people together, lead teams, commit to actionable goals, and overcome setbacks.


Michael attended both Brock University & the City University of Hong Kong, graduating with an Honors Degree in Communications. Alongside his education, Michael developed an immediately actionable framework (Dream.Decide.Do) to ignite passion in youth and has inspired them on various platforms about following their goals and dreams in life.


It is Michael’s belief that leadership qualities can and should be developed from a young age. He is passionate about developing world-class leaders and guiding them to a mindset that allows them to fulfill their deepest potential. Through values-driven leadership, strategy development, and the ability to face challenges head on, Michael is able to assist his clients with the drive required to grow, develop, and ultimately achieve their goals.


Throughout his journey, Mike has faced incredible setbacks. After a major comeback in his personal life, he landed his dream job: Airline Pilot – only to be grounded by the Covid-19 Global Pandemic. Despite this setback in his life, Michael has been able to persevere through the power of mindset, taking extreme ownership, resilience, and the dedication to his core values and has pivoted his energy into being a deeply empathetic coach.


Michael genuinely cares for the wellbeing of others. His approach and philosophies are governed around the idea that we all have infinite potential. Through purposeful conversation, and the creation of authentic relationships, he is dedicated to empowering his clients to recognize their abilities, build resilience, and move in the direction of their aspirations.

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