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Alessandro Terzuoli


Alessandro is a Certified Holistic Life Coach who helps individuals achieve self improvement in all areas of their lives, by removing blocks and obstacles, gaining self-awareness, and understanding the space required to facilitate change and transition.

Alessandro attended university in both Italy (University of Siena) and Canada (McMaster University) and holds a PhD in Geology. A literal Rock Scientist, he has published a few Academic Papers in his career that are still highly regarded in the field of Geology. He has international experience as a professional and has notably worked in Lybia, Italy, and Canada. He served 10+ years as an executive in the Canadian Oil and Gas industry and spent many years as a consultant in that field.

Alessandro is highly spiritual, having been practicing Buddhism for over 30 years, he is passionate in studying and understanding the complex dynamics and interactions of human body and mind.

Alessandro fulfills his mission of helping others with his professional Coaching career and he is dedicated to impact everyone’s physical and mental wellness by achieving and maintaining positive lifestyle changes.

On a volunteer basis, He has been actively involved in the past 20 years as a leader of an International Buddhist Organization (SGI) which is dedicated to promote Culture, Peace and Education. He is currently the Calgary Area Leader of the local SGI Canada organization that has over 200 members in Calgary Area.

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