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Sasha Green

An 80’s baby from the Bronx, NY. Hip-Hop is my culture. I am a Mindset coach, Relationship Builder, Teacher; Loving Wife & Mother; My passion is to help others live happy, purposeful, and abundant lives. My mission is to help Saas and other TechProfessionals level up and live the life of their dreams!

For years, I have poured into the lives of people, coaching specifically in the areas of Employment, Relationships, Love, Conflict Resolution and Life balance. I started my business to encourage and equip professionals with the necessary tools to overcome fears, obstacles, and barriers that stand in the way of their next level success. My passion for business has led me to work with startups, nonprofits, and sole proprietorships. I have coached both men and women dealing with the overwhelming prospects of being professionals and trying to maintain a healthy and happy family/personal life. I am a Transformational Coach who helps people establish and maintain healthy relationships with their spouses/partners, work, health, money, spirituality, and self.

My 15+ years of human service experience includes accomplishments in coaching my clients to their goals, strategic development and planning, organizational management, building high-performance teams, improving customer satisfaction and project management. I am also the Co-Founder of HealthCHEC Technologies, Inc.and was presented with the 2016 Business Leader Award from the Wall Street Journal.


This girl from the Bronx is fully invested in setting up her clients up for success. And I do it with love!!

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