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Sahar Salh

BA, CLC, Co-Founder

Sahar was born in England and raised in Canada, a passionate coach and a graduate of the University of British Columbia, she has 10+ years of experience in Client Success and Business Management. Sahar has an uncanny ability to see the big picture and hold the vision without losing sight of the intricate details that execute a well-thought-out strategy to get to the end goal.

As a Certified Leadership Coach, and CoreStregths Partner, she is a seasoned ambassador for personal and professional growth. Her work is to facilitate Relations Intelligence awareness in high performing teams and individuals leading to better communication, substantial improvement in collaboration and effectively dealing and thriving in conflict. ‘Fail fast and often’ would brilliantly explain her approach to life.

She has worked in notable organizations such as Joey Restaurant Group (as a top 10% leader, and top regional trainer) and Essential Impact Coaching (as the Chief Business Officer), and has experience working with clients such as Rogers Communications, Joey Restaurants, TD Waterhouse, Royal Roads University, Brookfield Asset Management, Government of Alberta, SAP, Trican, and Streamline Athletes. She now finds herself as a Founding Partner of Stride Leadership INC. In her words, her most significant role to date has been being a Mom to her two toddler boys. Her understanding of human motive and interpersonal relationships make her highly sought after in the Executive Coaching wold. her passion is to create world class systems and training to enable teams to compete for the gold without being distracted to the glowing lights all the while focusing on one thing: Self Leadership.

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