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James Robertson


James was born in Edmonton but moved many times across the country from a very young age. A bit due to his upbringing, a bit due to his nomad spirit, James defines his home with nothing less than Canada. A true patriot from his early life, James excelled in history and political studies, interests which eventually led him to join the Navy 20 years ago.

James has been deeply involved in both team-based and leadership roles for the majority of his life as a varsity athlete, as a military officer, a consultant, and as a maritime professional. Upon leaving the military 5 years ago, James completed his MBA from Royal Roads, and as a self-proclaimed public servant, he has been heavily involved in the community with marine environmental organizations and as a recent provincial political candidate – feel free to ask him about the joys of making a political TikTok video.

James is passionate about matters involving organizational psychology, values-based leadership, adaptation, strategy development and above all execution through hardship. Much of this stems from time as a naval and special forces officer which saw him lead counter-terrorism teams in arduous and fast-paced environments. This includes the role of a JTF2 ground force commander in Afghanistan. He also played a key role in the creation of the Navy’s own special force capability, Naval Tactical Operations Group, as well as its selection and officer development program.

Although he comes from a tough environment and his physical stature can initially be intimidating, James retains a warm and gregarious character. His approachability, charisma and high emotional intelligence have allowed him to work with a diverse range of clients in the development of strategy and leadership ranging from government, tech, health care, First Nations, and various community groups . He has worked with these teams in supporting them through change, conflict management and plan execution while coaching their leaders at the same time. James is a hands-on coach who is not afraid to work side by side with leaders to build on their strengths and increase their effectiveness.

James considers Italy his second home, and currently lives on the West Coast, raising two energetic children with his amazing wife.

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